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Te Puna Manawa
198 Antigua Street
Christchurch Central

Our Purpose


Advancing education by providing a place that benefits the community and works towards providing personal development and education opportunities in a holistic and unified way.

Supporting development of hauora in Christchurch through education, youthwork, life coaching and more.

Taha Tinana

Taha tinana is your physical wellbeing. It is about how your body grows, feels and moves, and how you care for it. Nourishing and strengthening your physical wellbeing helps you to cope with the ups and downs and life. Feeling physically well helps you feel mentally well.

Taha Wairua

Taha wairua is about the things that give you meaning. For some, it’s about a religious faith, but it can also be about learning to celebrate your own story; who you are, what you believe, where you belong and where you’re going.

Taha Hinenaro

For Māori, taha hinengaro describes the expression of thoughts and feelings of our mind, heart and conscience. These expressions can be communicated through gestures, eye movements, facial expressions and verbally.

Taha Whanau

Taha whānau is about the people who matter; your family, your friends and the people you spend time with at school, in work or in your community.

Te Puna Manawa

Our building is called Te Puna Manawa. It’s a place of refreshing and centered on wellbeing. From here all people within the Christchurch community can find counselling, therapy and wellness services. This environment is welcoming, warm and inclusive.

24/7 YouthWork

We want to see young people enjoy their high school years and build a great foundation to launch themselves into adult life. We want to see a good, strong, healthy next generation of New Zealanders coming through.

Our youth workers partner with Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School, a special character school that sits outside mainstream educational opportunities in Christchurch.

Mums & Bubs

Mums & Bubs is for mothers of children from birth to pre-school age; every mum is welcome. It’s designed to provide a designated time you can set aside for yourself in order to connect with others and have some ‘time out’ from your busy schedule.

The children play in a safe and fun setting while you are then free to enjoy our wonderful speakers who share on topics that are both relevant and practical for mums with children in those early childhood years.

Branch Out

Branch Out is a volunteer based team operating in the Christchurch CBD. Our goal is to bridge the gap in existing community services to support the needs of disadvantaged people by providing food, linkages to other support services or just listening over a free meal.

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